Completing the learning experience

Mentors Insync Provides Universities with a Centralized, Cohesive Approach to Mentoring

Mentors Insync brings an entire University together in such a way that it creates an interconnected networking hub that is exciting, inspiring and engaging. It is the place to collaborate, share knowledge openly and freely, learn, teach, discover and innovate.

Better Engagement, Learning and Access

Mentors Insync is not just a product or service. It is a tool that helps Universities do what they do best, even better.

It is the ideal platform for encouraging all members of the University to engage more with one another. It gives everyone a greater sense of purpose, by being actively involved in mentoring each other, students, staff and the community.

Alumni want to “give back” through mentoring

We believe this is essential to a continued mutually beneficial relationship between Alumni and the Universities. Students gain by having direct access to those people who can help them achieve their goals. They are able to connect to the University’s Alumni, who can provide them with first hand experiential knowledge. The Alumni gain by having a sense of purpose, being acknowledged professionally, and by leaving a legacy that can be passed onto future generations. This also leads to better engagement, which is beneficial for the University’s student placements and philanthropic causes. 

A Centralized Ecosystem

"Over 80% of college and graduate students list mentoring as a criterion for selecting an employer after graduation." TMG Mentoring Program Business Case White Paper

Universities benefit as their environments become an educational, information sharing, ecosystem that has a cohesive approach to developing knowledge and skills.


Benefits of Mentoring at Universities

Improved Job Placement Rates

Alumni mentoring helps to provide students with tools and resources that may help to improve their job opportunities, as well as develop networks and connections that could help them land their first job. Students can also gain a better understanding of their career paths, and receive resume and job advice from professionals within their desired profession.

Increased Student Retention Rates

Many students do not feel well prepared or supported as they enter University. Some may be unsure of their career choice or lack guidance as they progress. This may lead to changing courses, transferring to another institution or dropping out altogether. A University’s reputation is affected, as prospective students may see these high dropout rates as a sign of unhappy students, poor supports or inadequate resources.

Mentoring across the entire University not only ensures that all students have access to individuals who can offer them invaluable guidance, support and advice, but they can remain confident in knowing that these resources will remain throughout their academic progression and thereafter, supporting and encouraging them along the way.

Engaging Alumni

Alumni prefer to “Give back” by offering their time and support in the form of mentoring. They are an essential resource that can improve a University’s reputation as they are role models and represent the University’s successes. Through mentoring they are able to feel valued and connected to the institution; which results in student placement opportunities and philanthropic funding.

Enhanced University Experience

Mentors Insync creates a community culture that is both rewarding and engaging. Students feel supported throughout their academic studies; which continues as they transition to work and as they move through life. Mentoring helps to turn students and Alumni into successful professionals; which improves the student’s and University’s reputation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mentors Insync promotes Corporate Social Responsibility. We ask Universities to “Give back” by sharing knowledge with others on our Public Platform.

We believe this can be beneficial to Universities and their students. Collaborating globally and connecting with people outside of the institution is where new and different knowledge can be experienced and shared. New information, research and resources can be beneficial to a University, as it provides value for students, the Alumni and other members of the University.

Many young people consider working for organisations that are Socially Responsible once they leave University. Knowing that the University participates in Corporate Social Responsibility, may assist new students with their decision making when considering a University.

Some of the Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility for Universities include:

  • Engagement with potential future students, other alumni members and mentors.
  • The development of networks where opportunities are endless.
  • Increases satisfaction, morale and purpose.
  • The opportunity for individuals to learn from other professionals.
  • The increase of employment opportunities for university graduates.
  • Encouragement of innovation and the possibility of partnerships.


If you would like to see a demo or require more information, please contact us at info@mentorsinsync.com

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