Creating an inclusive and supportive culture
Mentoring Increases Engagement, Builds Leadership, Retains Staff, Grows Talent and Saves You Money.

“Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S $450 Billion to $550 Billion in lost productivity per year. “– What is it costing you?

Employees Are Your Most Overlooked Educational Resource.

"71% of Fortune 500 companies have implemented a mentoring program."

The Mentors Insync Platform helps you to discover hidden assets, giving you the opportunity to utilize their knowledge and skills from within, saving you time and money; whilst improving overall outcomes.

"CEO’s also benefit from mentoring programs - Harvard Business Review - CEOs Need Mentors Too - April 2015"

  • 71% said they were certain that company performance had improved as a result.
  • 69% reported that they were making better decisions. 
  • 76% said they were more capable of fulfilling stakeholder expectations.
  • 84% credited mentors with helping them avoid costly mistakes and become proficient in their roles faster. 

Employee Knowledge = Untapped Intellectual Property for Your Organisation.

Your employees’ experience is something that is often lost when they leave. By sharing their experiences, they will not only be adding value to your organisation through the transfer of knowledge, but they will also be providing the organisation with additional intellectual property that you never knew you had.

A Supportive Learning Environment Improves Your Organisations Culture, Employee Engagement and Increases Your Return On Investment.

This social learning tool helps employees to build relationships, connect with one another, network with others, learn from their peers and develop new skills. It helps improve productivity, reduces costs and increases profits.

Happy Employees Improve Staff Engagement, Productivity, Customer Service and Ensures Competitiveness within the Marketplace.

A supportive environment increase staff retention rates, employee performance, builds teams, generates innovation, improves customer relationships, and develops your company’s reputation.

How Mentors Insync Benefits Your Organisation

By using the Mentors Insync platform you will be supporting your employees, showing them that you care, providing them with the tools and resources to help them develop and grow. In return, your investment in them will result in your organisation’s success.  

Saves Time – You no longer need to arrange face-to-face mentoring sessions, as connecting online gives you the freedom to access mentoring from anywhere. The inclusion of a range of tools makes it easier to share information and resources that benefit the mentoring process.

Find Hidden Talent –  Discovering new or tapping into existing talent you never realized you had can be beneficial to your organisation. It also allows for promotion from within, thus reducing on recruitment costs. 

Sharing knowledge – can be beneficial as it prevents others from making costly mistakes. It also helps employees to become more proficient in their roles faster. Learning in a more practical and experiential way, teaching someone else what you already know, or by immediately implementing what you have just learnt, can be beneficial to the way information is learned and retained.

Reduce Costs – Mentoring increases staff retention rates and reduces training expenses. This improves organisations turnover and adds value to the bottom line.

The Learning & Development Model

Based on this model, Mentors Insync may provide your employees with as much as 90% of their learning and development.

The 70:20:10 model recognizes that the majority of workplace learning comes from experience such as day-to-day tasks, taking on a new project, practicing new techniques etc. 20% comes from some form of exposure, which includes social learning from colleagues or peers, personal learning from networks, leaders, mentors and coaches; whilst just 10% is derived from education and formal training.

Corporate Social Responsibility

 Mentors Insync promotes Corporate Social Responsibility. This has become a crucial element to doing business as, many organisations will not engage with organisations that do not implement some form of Corporate Social Responsibility. Employees also prefer to work for organisations that are Socially Responsible. 

We ask organisations to “Give back”, by sharing their knowledge with others on our Public Platform. This not only improves the organisation's reputation, but increases engagement with others and provides the means to build trust and develop credibility. It also gives them the freedom to connect with people outside of the organisation, where new and different knowledge and experiences can be shared.

Connecting with other professionals globally, increases awareness, mutual recognition and networking opportunities.


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