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We are passionate about making a real difference to peoples' lives
About Us
Be Inspired, motivated, engaged, and turn your dreams into a reality. Mentors Insync provides you with the tools to do so - the rest is up to you.

In today’s society, you may move from job to job, or change roles within your organisation. You may be confronted with the challenges of dealing with new technologies, methodologies, positions and in many cases new colleagues. This can be intimidating and stressful at times, especially if the expectation is for you to perform at your peak from the start.

You may remember colleagues, teachers, managers and others who offered you sound advice, guidance or support to help you get to where you are today.  At times you may be looked upon as the “go to” person, where you too may feel the need for some support, especially as you progress through your own profession.

Mentors Insync has differentiated itself in the marketplace with our unique approach to mentoring. A key objective is to transform the way people experience mentoring, by providing a unique learning experience for both mentors and mentees. It is a platform like no other, encouraging mentoring, education and the open-source sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences.

Based on the premise that everyone has something to offer; knowledge, skills or experiences, and that no one is an expert at everything, Mentors Insync gives everyone the opportunity to be mentored and benefit from a mentoring relationship. We give you control over your mentoring relationships with the focus being on your needs, your goals and what you are looking to achieve.

Mentors Insync is all about People to People connections, where mentors and mentees are able to connect with one another in a collaborative environment to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences, and offer valuable insights without the need for face-to-face interactions. This ensures flexibility and efficiency. It saves you time and provides you with more opportunities to connect on a global scale.

Mentors Insync is an empowering community of like-minded individuals who connect, build relationships, mentor each other, learn, teach and network with one another. It is where people get to share their valuable knowledge, experiences and insights with one another whilst having the opportunity to continuously learn and develop at their own pace.  

Our community offer guidance and support, and we encourage Corporate Social Responsibility; a “Pay it forward” culture, where everyone can play a major part in changing people’s lives and by making a real difference to the world at large.

We are passionate about making a difference to the lives of others, where everyone is given the chance to help one another to reach their goals, dreams, potential and ultimately achieve personal success.

Your contribution as members of our community will not only help you personally and professionally, but will be of lasting value to industries, our entire community and future generations to come.  



We are on a mission to help people to find their passion, realize their potential, become extraordinary and succeed. To do so, it requires a collaborative culture, teamwork and a WIN – WIN attitude.


Educating one another through mentorship, an open-source sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences is core to our vision. This is key to your success and ours.

Equal Opportunity

It does not matter who you are, you are provided with an equal opportunity to make a difference to your life and someone else’s.

“Paying it forward” is fundamental to our community’s success. By giving, people find meaning and purpose. They achieve their dreams and are open for new and rewarding opportunities.


Technology provides us with the solution we need to help, by connecting people globally and giving them more flexibility and access. It gives us the means to mobilize everyday people to take meaningful action.


Our goal is to transform the lives of 100 Million people. We want you to be part of this awesome journey and join our incredible community. We know that by doing so, you will receive far more than you could ever imagine.

Our journey is a socially beneficial one, impacting and changing people’s lives by providing the tools to help them succeed.

We have taken the first step, how about you?

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 “When someone is passionate about what they do - they succeed, but having someone with experience guide them - they can only excel.”

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